Building a Racer

folderthumb folderimage 1-Fresh from junkyard 11-Re-installing crank 12-Bolting 14-Torqueing bearings
15-Fitting piston rings 16-Installing pistons 17-Engine looks new 18-Installing Engine and tranny 19-Connecting everything 2-Jerry Takes a run
20-Rebuilding drives and suspension 21-New parts Road trip 3-5-10 22-Many hours sanding 23-Oh No - not another Yellow Vette 24- OK It is only the primer coat 25-Unmasking for clear coat
25-White color coat 26- Masking for racing stripe 27-Finished job-1 28-View-2 29-View-3 3-On the track
30-view4 4-Blew a head gasket 5-Pulling engine-Greasy mess 1 6-Greasy mess 2 7-Engine and transmission 8-Jeff takes it apart
9-Good solid block